Fresh Cuts


Our Expert Butchers are here to make specialized cuts, give recipe ideas, and preparation tips. We have a wide range of fresh cuts available including seasoned meats, and flavored marinades.



We are proud to carry Upper Iowa Beef in our vast cuts of meat. Upper Iowa Beef is based out of Lime Springs, Iowa and sources their beef from family-owned and operated farms within or under 80 miles of their plant. They believe in sustainability, transparency, and that everybody deserves to know where their meat comes from with the comfort of knowing they were raised humanely. 




It's often said that chicken is one of the most generic flavored meats. Not so with our marinated chicken breasts. We start with a lean, clean bird and immerse it in our custom mixed marinades. These marinades impart a variety of delicious flavors into the product so you can choose from a wide selection of tastes for any type of cuisine.




We purchase all of our pork from Comfrey Farm Premium Pork.  While other meat resellers may look for the lowest prices, we know our customers appreciate a quality product - even if it costs a little more. That's why we're proud to offer these quality pork products.