Deli Meat

We carry an endless variety of deli meats that can be custom cut ultra thin or extra thick. See our list of deli meat and cheese options below.

Manea's Deli Meat and Cheese List

Kretschmar Pepperoni
Kretschmar Braunschweiger
Kretschmar Genoa Hard Salami
Kretschmar Hard Salami
Klement's Olive Loaf
Klement's Pickle Loaf
Klement's Old Fashioned Loaf
Eckrich Hot Head Cheese
Eckrich Regular Head Cheese
Golden Legacy Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
Golden Legacy Smoked Turkey Breast
Golden Legacy Golden Browned Chicken Breast
Golden Legacy Buffalo Style Chicken Breast
Midwest Pride Black Forest Ham
Kretschmar Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast
Midwest Pride Pastrami Not ordering next year
Prairie Gold Hickory Smoked Pit Ham
Hormel Thuringer

Brand Product
Smoked Gouda
Roth Wisconsin Horseradish Havarti
Dill Havarti
West Creek Regular Creamy Havarti
La Grander's Cheese Colby Cheese
La Grander's Cheese Colby Jack Cheese
Cedap Valley Cheese Provolone Cheese
Shullsburg Cheese Baby Swiss
Shullsburg Cheese Natural Swiss
Hoffman's Super Hot Pepper Cheese
Shullsburg Creamery Cheese n' Onion
Shullsburg Creamery Cheese n' Garlic
Mild Cheddar
Medium Cheddar
Sharp Cheddar
Smoked Cheddar
Regular Hot Pepper Cheese
Harvest Vegetable
Pepperoni Cheese
Cheddar n' Salami
Chipotle Onion
Bacon JalapeƱo
Pre Sliced Yellow American Cheese
Pre Sliced American Swiss