Specialty Sausage

We carry an endless variety of flavors of  sausage slowly smoked in our signature blend of hickory, apple, and cherry wood.

Full Sausage List

Bulk Pork C. Style
Fresh C. Style Rope
Western Pork C. Style Bulk
Maple Blueberry C. Style Links
Smoked C. Style Big Link
Smoked C. Style Little Link
Smoked Maple C.Style Links
Western C. Style Big Links
Western C. Style Pork Little Links
Potato Sausage
Irish Style Bangers
Andouille Bulk
Extra Hot Mexican Chorizo
Fresh Irish Bangers
Fresh Irish Whiskey Bangers
Hot Italian Bulk
Hot Italian Links
Mexican Chorizo Bulk
Sweet Italian Bulk
Sweet Italian Link
Pork & Beef Ring Bologna
Hot Italian Links
Jalapeno Sausage